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Audition Review (and edit)

As the Studio Manager at Dog and Pony Studios, some of my main duties were to review demos, cast projects, critique auditions and help select talent. Auditions are completely subjective and no one except the person requesting the audition can tell you exactly what they want. But, sometimes it’s nice to have another unbiased ear take a listen to your interpretation of the script against the producer’s direction. I will use my experience doing casting for Dog and Pony to look at the direction given to you and listen to your auditions to see if you have achieved what you were hoping to deliver.  I can also give you ideas for a 2nd take that might be a different direction than the one you initially took.


I am also available to edit those auditions for you. All you would have to do is step into your booth, read through your scripts and send me that file and any notes you have regarding your reads. I will take the scripts you send me, edit the takes and output the files. I can even submit them on the P2P sites for you if you wish. Whatever will help you…that is what I am here for!



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