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About Me

Tina Maloney


I moved to Las Vegas from Southern California after receiving a Bachelors degree in Radio, TV & Film from Cal State Fullerton. I started working as a production coordinator for MGM Resorts where we created many of the marquees, radio spots, TV commercials and In-Room videos that you see for MGM resorts properties on the strip. I then became the Studio Manager for the Dog and Pony Show, a Post Production Audio Boutique. I did a little bit of everything at Dog and Pony …. Bookkeeping, Office Management, Casting, Reports, Research, Voice Over, etc. They called me "The Zookeeper". But, it came time to transition into the next phase of my life. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Ava and starting my own business where I could work from home seemed like the next logical step. I love numbers and I love organization. So what better than for me to use that love and those skills to help others better their business and themselves!


Aside from work, I try to keep things fun!. I’m a big kid at heart. I LOVE Disney! The easiest way to get me talking is to start talking about Disney….especially Disney Cruises. I am also a huge animal lover. My husband and I have a terrier poodle named Stetson and a Guinea Pig named Hemi. I love dolphins and one of my favorite weekend trips is to head to Cali and do a little whale/dolphin watching. When I get a free moment you can find me relaxing and reading a few pages of a good book or watching an episode of “Law & Order” on TV. I have a theory that at any point on any day there is an episode of “Law & Order” playing on at least one channel…sometimes two. I LOVE Mexican food and Bailey’s Banana Coladas!


What about you?


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